Submissions for Motherhood Through the Mysteries III are now open!  

The big joke is that women like to talk. I always roll my eyes when I hear this but, if I’m being honest there is little more enjoyable to me than a good conversation with a friend over coffee! Jesus knew this about women and understood how valuable of an asset our speaking out is for his Kingdom.

The resurrected Christ even chose to appear first to a woman: Mary Magdalene who ran to tell the disciples “I have seen the Lord!” There is a reason why we’re known for speaking out: God made us this way, and did so to reflect part of himself!

He imbued womankind with the ability to receive, preserve & deliver his truth with a passion, wisdom & loving conviction that is uniquely feminine. Let’s face and embrace it, Sisters: We were made to get the word out!

All mothers are eligible and encouraged to submit, as our desire is to showcase as many variations of this multifaceted vocation as possible. Here at MtM we want the world to know that there is more than one way to be a mother.

We recognize that all women have different and valuable stories to tell. Whether you’re a physical mother, spiritual mother, grandmother, adoptive mother, loss mother, mom of a small or larger family, foster mother, working mother, single mother, mom of a blended family, a special needs mama, mother-figure, a caretaker, or someone praying for a child, we want to tell your story.

We look to Mary, Mother of God as our patroness and call out all women to embrace the motherly attributes God created us to have.

If an experience of motherhood has deepened your faith we want to hear from you!

If you’re ready to join the mission & share your story please read the terms and conditions and Storyteller’s Guidelines here

We’re also looking for talented photographers and artists to submit pieces to accompany our stories. Don’t hesitate to email us a sample of your work!

Send your submission, head shot and a short bio to:
Thank you for sharing your story!
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