Second Luminous Mystery

The Wedding at Cana

Fruit of the Mystery: To Jesus Through Mary

Talking With Mary

by Gabrielle Malouf

It was a rough day for my daughter and me. Lots of meltdowns, tears, and typical childlike behavior that required some delicate discipline on my behalf.

As I tucked my five-year-old into her bed, we began our nightly prayer routine. And for the first time ever, Ivy hid her face under her covers. She told me she didn’t want to talk to God that night. 

At first, I was heartbroken. But then I paused for a moment and remembered the times I, too, didn’t feel like I could approach God. Times when I felt too much shame for my sinful behavior.

Times when I felt guilty about poor choices I had made. Times when I felt like I was unlovable…too broken, too messy, too far gone. And I remembered the one who brought me back. It was Mary.

Might that be who could comfort Ivy after her tough day, too?

I picked up her little Mary statue and slowly pulled back her covers. “Ivy,” I said in a soft voice…”can Mama Mary talk to you for a minute?”  “Okay. Sure, Mommy,” she said. 

Within a few minutes, Ivy was herself again. Holding her statue in her little hands, she told Mary all about her day with joy and animation. The good things and the bad things alike. The moments of happiness and the moments of sadness.

If for whatever reason, they feel like they can’t approach God, they can always go to their Mother first. 

Gabrielle Malouf

The smart choices she made, and things she would try to do differently next time. My mama heart went from broken to bursting as I watched how Mary brought my little girl back to life. 

After a few minutes, I asked Ivy if she would like to try to talk to God again. And she said with excitement ,“Yes, Mommy, I would!” It was in that moment that I truly understood the meaning of “to Jesus through Mary.” 

Ivy’s nerves were calmed and her heart was softened after talking with Mary. I watched it happen right in front of me, and I’ve experienced it in my own spiritual life. Mary is the one who brought me to Jesus when I was overwhelmed by my own sin and shame.

So it was special to witness such a moment of grace between my daughter and our heavenly mother who lifted the burdens of sadness, guilt, and fear right off of her shoulders. 

I hope to teach my daughters from a young age that no matter what they do, how far they stray, or where they wander throughout their lives, they are unconditionally loved by the Father. But if for whatever reason, they feel like they can’t approach God, they can always go to their Mother first. 

In her perfect way, in her perfect time….she will always bring them directly to Jesus. Even if (and when) I fail as a mom, she will always do the perfect job.

To Jesus through Mary!

About Ellie: I am a recent Convert, wife and mother of two young girls living in Southern California. It is through Mary that I found Jesus and a newfound passion for the Catholic Faith. I’ve left my career as a nurse and devoted my life’s work to spreading love for Our Blessed Mother not only by distributing the Sacramentals she’s given us, but also by sharing personal testimonies and Marian Apparitions she’s blessed us with over the years. You can find me at @miraculous_revival It would be an honor to have you join our Marian community!


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